EA Winner: Jen Ashe

Jen Ashe
Jen Ashe

Emerging Artist Award: Music

“Getting the EA grant meant, simply, the continuation of my craft.

As a single mom, when I lost my full time college teaching job, I was devastated. I considered the possibility of pursuing a full time job outside of music to support my daughter.

Receiving the grant gave me the support to persevere as an artist. I took auditions and reinvented myself as a teacher, working with preschoolers in music, instead of college students.

The grant came at a crucial turning point in my life. I’m now, in addition to singing new music as I had always done, also working with many early music ensembles and finding great joy in teaching younger children. The grant to me was an affirmation that music is my calling, and the encouragement to find new avenues in teaching and making music.”