Author: Kate Andres

EA Winner: Ashleigh Gordon

Dennis, Cape Cod, MA
Dennis, Cape Cod, MA

Emerging Artist Award: Music

“The St. Botolph award allowed me to meld some of my biggest passions: traveling, new music and culture. Coming at just the right time, the Emerging Artist Grant allowed me to perform contemporary music in theĀ 180 Degrees Festival, a groundbreaking, multidisciplinary arts fest in Sofia, Bulgaria. Covering not only my travel and performing fees, the Grant also allowed me to design and lead a lecture presentation for Bulgarian audiences focused on the music of African American composers, a topic which I am knee-deep in exploring through my concert and educational seriesĀ Castle of our Skins. With the generosity of the St. Botolph Club, I was fortunate to further develop my craft with new artists and audiences in new territory. Thank you for the invaluable opportunity, and the support and encouragement to continue exploring new music, locations and cultures!”

EA Winner: Stephanie Soileau


Emerging Artist Award: Literature

“In the summer of 2015, my little family relocated to Portland, Maine, so my husband could enroll in graduate school. During the previous winter, we had been in residence at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, where I had a luxurious seven months to work on a novel. I knew that if I wanted to push through to the end of this project without interruption once the FAWC residency was over, we were going to have to rustle up some childcare in Portland for our 2 1/2 year old daughter. The grant from the St. Botolph Foundation came at exactly the right time. No question, it’s a challenge to maintain a committed artistic life with a small child and a partner who’s a full-time student, but the EA Grant bought me three solid months to keep writing. For that windfall when we most needed it, I am very grateful.”

EA Winner: Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Emerging Artist Award: Visual

“I was awarded St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artists Award in 2015. Thanks to this award, I was able to take the time to build and establish my artist website, a critical asset to my portfolio and network. The grant not only allowed me to ground my cloud identity, but financed the addition of a big quality camera for myself to record professional documentation and use as an extended creative tool in my art practice. These two assets have been critical and continue to be in my life and art.”